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About us

At Akumal Shop we support indigenous communities in Mexico by directly designing and producing  handicrafts from indigenous artists. The value of the crafts that you will find at Akumal Shop are not in their label, but in the cultural heritage passed down through multiple generations.These artistic and spiritual values are part of what make up the great nation that is Mexico.

Work in progress

 Our team seeks to improve the life conditions of our indigenous artisans in a direct way. The violence and insecurity that has engulfed their communities prevents them from bringing their crafts to other cities and countries. We will not be spectators to that violence; we want to make tangible change.


Why Akumal Shop?

In 2012 we lived in Cancún, Quintana Roo. When we were there, we stumbled across a crystalline Yucatán lagoon called Akumal. In Maya, Akumal means “Home of turtles; it is where turtles make their nests and lay their eggs.


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