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Akumal´s artisan partnership is a network of more than 300 artisans distributed in 3 States of Mexico: Chiapas, Guerrero and Oaxaca  practicing diverse craft techniques not only recognized worldwide as an emblem of our culture, but also as a sample of our creative excellence. The weaving and embroidery reflects a rich and elaborate symbolic language. Akumal can help you find talented artists that can match your interests from customize a fabric to elaborate a finished product from the eighteen towns of the Highlands creating a wonderful world with their hands.
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The changing colors and designs of contemporary Maya costume reflect the changes that have occurred in Chiapas over the last decade. The slow climb up the ladder of poverty, the move toward better education and greater equality, can be seen in the vigorous patterns of women´s clothes. With 3000 years of patience, every woman makes elaborate brocades and embroidery that tells us where she is from, reveal the customs she grew up with, and express her creative spirit. Every season, women produce new visions of themselves and the world, visions that are affirmations of tradition translated into something new, resilient, and hopeful. Dressed for change, Maya weavers are visibly designing and transforming their culture before our very eyes.


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